L'Implosion (2009)

by City of Sound

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In the middle of a field Far away in the shade where I lay Holding on to all I can with my hands I collapse and begin to shake Being pulled towards the sky By a large, white, bright, intergalactic light And I think I found a doorway Into another world I want to touch it I want to put my finger through The light that burns around it The field, it grabs a hold of you The sound that’s coming from it The noises dancing in your head The warmth of love within it She grabs my hand and pulls me through Here we lie in the land of love The beauty runs through me With happiness from above And the river is running And the sky full of birds In the spring time resurrection From the deadly lonely-hearted winter curse The mass parading time bomb lunar ticks They gently make their way across your finger tips And I thought I found a doorway into another world Yeah, I traveled through the portal and found myself alone All alone
Sit back and let me tell you the strangest tale you ever will hear It was late at night. I was asleepin in my room I had the windows tight and everything was cool What’s there? As I drift through my sleep and fall to my feet What’s there? Who is it? And I open my eyes to find a little bird staring at me Just peaking through the window of my room Singing me his soft, sad, lovely little tune No, don’t take me for a fool No, don’t take me for a fool I’ve come to wake that lonely man That sleeps inside of you And in the lion’s den, yeah In a sleeping dream whirlpool I’ve come to wake you up my friend If it’s the last thing that I do I said “No, go away bird. I don’t like your style. I’m not like your kind” I said “No. Move away sir. I’m one lonely son of a bitch & I’ve been wanting to die.” And I ran to the back of the room and into the hall. I locked all the doors and closed all the blinds Turned on the light to find a little bird staring at me And he flew in through the window of time Up and down the streaming paths of conscience in my mind Don’t take me for a fool. No, don’t take me for a fool. I’ve come to wake that lonely man That sleeps inside of you. And in your lion’s den, yeah. In your sleeping dream whirlpool I’ve come to wake you up my friend If it’s the last thing that I do And I woke in a snow white room Dressed up in a black suit Drinking cheap champagne Watching the circus on the ground From a sky scraper stretched high, high Over your town Over your town Over your town Over your town And like a killer on the runI took off with my gun Pointed at the latencing that’s fragmenting my brain And dive right through eternity Obtain reality That’s when the whole thing sorta got a little bit crazy And I crashed. Crash-landed the past Like a warship blast. It unscrewed the hatch. Swim as fast as you can. Never look back. Do, you know who I am? I’m the lion man. And I rule my land with an iron hand. When I count to ten you’d better think again I am a moon without a sun resurrecting reflection I’m demanding your attention So, here’s my real question: What are all these people doing Walking around the ant farm mooing? Don’t take me for a fool.Don’t take me for a fool. I’ve come to wake that lonely man That sleeps inside of you. Of you. Of you. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I sleep inside of you. Sometimes the world looks a little funny. Yes, it does You know we all get a little lonely Just because
I got a sickness but I don’t even know her real name I went to sleep, the clouds came back & I just feel the same She left the sunshine in a bag on the coffee table I got the lock. She’s got the key, but I don’t know where to go. Will she come back? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I pick up the past too much for me to grow Pick up the pieces of the puzzle that are never gonna fit Bring back the days when the sun shined and I could still feel it This is hell watching you change. This is hell watching you change. (Repeated) Satan in a black dress and high heels She looked into my eyes for a soul to steal I fell in love. I fell in love. I fell in love so hard. She ripped open my chest and tore out my heart Will she come back? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I pick up the past too much for me to grow (Chorus) That little girl put a spell on me. Soon there will come a day when you will reach for me And I’m waiting at the bottom of the sea I breathe beneath the waves where I can feel no pain And I’m waiting for hell to swallow me (Chorus) Hey, you know you do me right. You know you do me right. You know you do me right. Hey baby. Hey baby.
I lie inside my mind resurrecting the past I let the time slip by and watch my life collapse Is there no beauty without the flaws? Is there no happiness inside of what I’ve lost? I watch the colors around me move from left to right I sink inside myself then float on through the night I ask the stars in all their wisdom they will know Which way my thoughts take me on this river down I float Tell me now. Are you happy now? I dunno.I woke up lying on a castle shore. The queen took me aside and she locked the bedroom door The knights came searching and they found me in my sleep I am no criminal. Let me go in peace. Tell me now. Are you happy now? Tell me know. Well, are you happy now? I dunno. And I dunno. No, I dunno. No, I dunno. Ya know, I dunno. I woke up lying in a castle in the sky. I woke from my dreams and I start to wonder why. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. No, I don’t know.That I don’t know. I don’t know. To save my soul, yeah.
It’s the way that she moves It’s the way she pulls my moon, throws it over her shoulder She leaves me so weightless I get confused It’s the sign of the century and it’s all those things you’re not mentioning I’ll be damned if I sit back and write pop hits. Cause it ain’t for the money, babe it ain’t for your tits And there’s a war going on. There’s a world getting warmer. There’s a whole lotta people that are looking for a martyr. I don’t think they’re gonna find it you Mr. Pop Singer So, how you gonna feed em wichyo TV Guide dinner? It’s the way that she moves that got me playing her grooves just like a record Oh, and I’ll be spinning out of control soon. Waving flag with intensity, proclaiming independency I’m the man in the mirror staring back at you I’m your evil twin knocking on the glass, trying to break through Well, good night little world. Sleep tight baby girl. Don’t let the bed bugs bight or fright you. And if any monster try to eat me or you I’m gonna shoot the bastard all the way to the moon Oh, I feel it in my hands, the warmth of love, the kiss of death Can’t stand up cause up cause it takes my breath And I’m about to lose my troubled head, hanging over my fingertip Out of reach, I can’t hold on. Is it gone? Never coming back. “You think you’re the best. The letter that messed it all up. The limited rest, the primitive test has got you guessing I’m stuffed Question the puff yeah rough style, coming up out of a tough now. Want to see luck’s bow? Tell em to sit the fuck down. What’d you want it to be, the key to the city or me? Give me the kitty for free, the pussy that looks at me. A story that cooks for me, as boring as books for me. Morning glory, don’t ignore me. Don’t ignore me.” -Jeremy Nutzman Chorus Oh no, dear. It’s so gone, baby, gone. Mhmm Baby, won’t you hold it in your hands. Yeah, won’t you just, can’t you just, maybe just One more time hold it in your hands And on an itty-bitty land, a far away land There lived an itty-bitty man with a nitty-gritty plan He came down from his hill in his far away land He whispered in my ear and this is what he said: “They’ll try to control you and hold you and mold you. They’ve made great plans to own you, but they don’t know you. But you my delightful young lad, don’t take their bate. Don’t hesitate to just spit it their face. Yes you. Oh, the future’s so much brighter with you hear. With every passing second the future’s drawing nearer To save the world from the evil thief beneath your sheets To take back your crown, make love to your queen, yeah.” On the mountain In the seaIn the valley On the beach Underwater Under me Insane love, won’t you let me be On the mountain In the sea In the valley On the beach In a jet airplane flying high over the tree sInsane love, won’t you marry me? Yes, my head just fell off my neck. Excuse me darling, I will be right back.
Wise is the man who makes his own road And listens to no man what he’s been told An old boney man climbs an old boney tree As he jumps from the top he just breaks his old boney knees And go to the place that no eye has seen If you happen to die, your spirit is free So, go to the top of the world and scream If you happen to fall, get back on your feet, kid Your faith must be strong to finally leave But you don’t become wise by just wanting to be So push back the boundaries wherever they be It’s smarter to listen, but wiser to see.
I. (turn on) 06:46
The other day I saw the strangest thing A crystal clear blue sky and the heavens rained The people stared into sunshine When it hit the ground it turned to wine And I am woken to find I’m falling through the sky My arms are open, trying to desperately to fly I cannot hear you and you are looking in my eyes But you don’t see me, only a stranger frozen mind And in my sleep I heard the angels sing They call to me. I answer from dreams. The clock on the wall forgets to chime When I open my eyes I travel time Chorus Fly far away, bird. Fly far from here. Find another a tree on the top of a hill nowhere near And sing your songs to the lonely man I said I don’t want you bummin around here no more. I said I don’t want you knocking down all my doors.
And by this time eyelids were growing heavy As the red clouds take over the dark purple sky An ocean of wine ripples across the ceiling In patterns of ancient art As a slew of butterfly flew in through my window And proceeded to take me away Over the frost peak mountains And waves of sunset fountains Breathing fresh air under the sea The beauty was tran-descending The starry sky descending Fall to the ground. I’m on my feet. And here they drop me, inside the white marbled hall. Of echoes of emptiness that play through the walls The time stands still No ticking or tocking My head has been filled With a million billion bumble bees that swarm in a mess And swim through the trees on the waves toward their nest. How long will it take to outrun the monster And when will I get to breathe? Oh, when your soul’s been tarred and feathered you may leave And where is the light at the end of the hall And where the songbirds, they sing from the trees? Thought I was looking into it but it was looking into me. The pearly gates are callingYour bedroom shades are drawing You turn your head and go to sleep The man has taken over and he will hold you under His credit card faced a common tree. A common tree Just economy, aren’t you sick of the word? Oh a come on, tree Economy / A common tree Yeah, I don’t know where to go so I stay inside my head And I’ve got faith, but I’d like to know where I will end up when I’m dead And I no longer sleep at night so I gave my dreams a call Hello operator, could you connect me to the hall? Bathing Beauty, wait on the shore. The waves too tall and steep And if I should die during the storm, I will be with you in your sleep, little girl Oh, the nocturnal matinee showing of our journey through the abyss Come gather around and try to untangle this mangled symmetric, Electrical, spectacle Sensually Sexual And mentally flexible Born from the womb of the genetic selectable
Today I woke up at a quarter to seven I grabbed for my coat and I headed outside Today the sun shined like it fell down from heaven The cascading light playing tricks on my eyes And everything here feels just like an illusion The snow covered trees dancing high in the sky And I’ll hold your hand as we float up to heaven Squeezing you tight as we enter the night Singing “Please, someone please open the gate.” Let me in. Let me in. Oh, today the streets were lined with the businessmen and bankers They’re all wrapped up in their black suits and ties They’ve got their money invested in machines Making bombs to kill a thousand in the blink of an eye And what will these type of ideas teach the children? When will the people learn to see eye to eye? And when the world just shut up and realize That the blind pig with the parachute has taken our pie? Oh please, will someone please open the gate? Let it rain and wash all your ideals away down the drain And you’d say if everything that lives will just die Then watch me die. Oh babe, I want you to come with. Would you come with when I die? Watch me die. I want you to come with Just jump through the abyss I will hold your hand tight as we enter the night Watch me die Oh, baby. I love you so damn much Would you waste in time for the rest? Put on your black boots Dress in your best suit The virgin is here You’ve been dying to meet her And take your excuses and tie them in nooses And hear the town sing as they overthrow their king Yes, the angel of death has requested his breath He’ll burn for his sins when the fire begins In a hypnotic trance an elusive fish swims He has taken a chance on the soul that’s within him Take me home. That’s where I want to go. Take me home. That’s where I want to go. I’ve been praying for my soul.
White Summer 06:07
Please take this song and make it yours I wrote this for the queen I used to breathe for And we walked down gold streets and fell into our dreams And I held her hands tight as she held my heart But it’s okay, though I still can’t fucking breathe I’ll be okay when the sun shines on the leaves to bring me air But just let them suffocate and walk away Just don’t show him that you care. I still can’t breathe. And I made it through the summer but the winter’s cold And I love it more than ever when it starts to snow, yeah Everything around us shaking All castle walls are breaking We’ll make it through the night I promise I will never let you go All the people around us praying For their lost souls worth saving We’ll make it through the night I’ll bring you to my bed Chorus It’s snowing in my brain. It’s snowing once again. It takes away the pain. It’s snowing in my brain. It’s snowing once again It makes me feel insane.
Isolatened 03:36
Woke up in a fog and he rolled out of bed Took a walk down the block and tried to shake off his head And he’s praying to god to get back his soul He lost long time ago. It got ripped from the bone And this wine is too thin. And the high is just fake And he’s waiting for the fiction come and take him away Yes, the people he knows, they don’t have a clue What the world feels like without the stars and the moon And the heavens opened and poured down light And the sea flourished in the dark of the night And the sky opened and rain poured down On all of the heads of the people sleeping in the town Maybe he’ll find a girl. Maybe fall deep in love. Or maybe he’ll just keep on driving slow and keep his eyes on the road And the next time he stops to fill up the tank He’ll take a shot for every one of them that crawled in his brain The sea calls. It’s missing you to death The breeze feels the ocean’s loneliness The sky falls and it brings you to my mind A year long of watching me dying The tide comes and it brings you out to sea I lie alone and you’re watching me sinking The green blooms and it sets apart our paths I lie alone waiting for God’s wrath And even if you do find happiness You’ll never know anyone the way you think you do The way you think you do The way you think you do
Dear crazy, my body’s growing older My belly’s getting bigger. The days are growing colder Been working day and night for a month or two Working for the man, the bills are overdue And I meant to keep in touch but the time just blew away Been thinking about you in the middle of the day And you know I’ve never been one to speak real strong So I wrote down some words and put em in a song, yeah The warm undertow Sends waves through my bones It speaks to my soul Yeah, it pulls me below And as of lately it’s been getting a little harder The rope’s been getting tighter. The night’s been getting longer Been so messed up I forget where I am Buying new shoes for Mr. Uncle Sam And I’d like to move to Paris and buy a motorcycle Just sleep all day and ride all night Find a little girl and exit the world I’m climbing up the tree. I’ll let you know what I see, yeah. Oh, I want you to know The warm undertones Take a drink from my soul It won’t let me go Thee most beautiful thing, the morning sun Painted in your eyes, second to none Take me on your sacred flight high above the city I wanna see the morning light shine across your body An ocean of feeling filled to the brim with love The time swallowed slow, melts like a stone The beautiful city below, all alone The waves crashing over, tides covering up One thing that I wish I had, to speak in animal The humans have gone mad. All things come through in waves Washing ashore, my conscience has been bathed. My conscience has been bathed.


released January 25, 2009

Written, Recorded, Mixed & Produced by City of Sound
Mastered by Rob Schlette
Copyright City of Sound 2009
Artwork by Warren Peterson


all rights reserved



City of Sound Minneapolis, Minnesota

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