Creatures (2012)

by City of Sound

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released January 21, 2012

Produced, Written & Performed by City of Sound. Recorded by Karl Hilde, Danny Morrison & Jeremy Kindvall. Mixed & Mastered by Luke Frederickson. Artwork by Bryn Gleason. Viola played on tracks 1 & 2 by Mariah Macham.



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City of Sound Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Taxi Service Witch
I was trying to find a toothpick
Dig my way out of this ditch
When I came across a broomstick
And a taxi service witch
She had gold sunshine on a twine
It was hangin' in her hair
And then i looked into her eyes
And we took off into the air
That's right

At midnight in the darkest flight we ran into a storm
I wanted to be home safe in my bed where it was warm
But she held me through for an hour or two & calmed me like a child
I'll never forget the taste of her dark lips so soft and wild
I said I don't believe in magic but when I got home
I took a train down to the church & prayed for my soul
Said she must have been satanic from her head down to her toes
She put a spell upon me and I lost all control

Come down dead woman
Dance with me again

In a waking dream ever far away
A new language speaks in a darkened place
As she takes my hand & I lay her down
As we go to bed it's the witching hour
As I grab her skin & she screams in pain
As she pulls me in, wraps around my waist
As she feel my breathe runnin' down her neck
As our souls catch fire with our bodies wet

Written by Danny Morrison
Track Name: Lemoe Cyphon
Then the serpent sea urchin climbed up onto land
On a big white beach in palm tree sand
In a skinny white robe he found under the sea
When he sunk his own ship back in '73
Been looking for a friend I haven't seen in a while
Gotta get a new job, gotta pay for the child
With a cotton-dry mouth and water-filled ears
Haven't seen a woman in ten-thousand years
And I walk down the street with hot tar on my bare feet
Smell like a toilet, look like a sheep
You better warn your wives and daughter not to come around
You better pack up your suitcase, get outta town now

Come on, take me down
I wanna live underwater waves
(Come on, dow-ow-ow-how-ow, do, do, oh, oh, oh...)

Then the serpent sea urchin climbed down from his land
On an ancient beach in black tar sand
With a skinny white girl he met walkin around
Who had been lost for years but said she'd been found now
Track Name: Open Sea, Open Sky
Watchin' from the shore, the ships they come & go
Places far away that I would never know
If I could jump in right now I'd catch a ship before
It sailed out to the deepest sea & found another shore

Oh what a life it would be
For my shipmates, crew & me
Yeah, so now I'm off to find my treasure
Set my spirit free
Oh set me free & out of mind
Yeah, on the open sea & in the open sky
Oh set me free & out of mind
All those tiny little coconuts, they hangin from their tree
For my shipmates, crew and me
Yeah, what black-bearded pirates some women can be
Oh set me free & out of mind

Yeah, I met this girl who sang the blues & plays guitar
And she made me homemade meals after drinkin' at the bar
And I met this man that grew up to be a kid
He spent all his nights not knowing what he did
If the Lord can hear me now I'd ask him a question
I'd say "Could I have a beer please & a girl for this erection?"
That's when the lightning storm, it came over me
It struck me from the clouds and then it sailed me out to sea

And the sea is still here where I lie
It's like some soft magic pills slowed down my eyes
If one day I wake up & I am 85
I'm gonna find me a pirate-wife who'll blow me til I die

Oh set me free & out of mind
On the open sea & the open sky

Written by Danny Morrison
Track Name: Chicago
I said I'm movin to Chicago
Drink 312 Beer
I'm gonna find that dog named Otto
Grow a long gray beard
Where the women are always pretty
Atleast four out of five
Ride that windy city lake until it dies

I said I don't care where it takes me
I'll keep on riding her until she breaks me

I said I don't care where she takes me
I'll keep on ridin' her until she breaks me

Where the palm trees wave on the northern beach
At an all night rave where the drugs are cheap
Got no place to go so just take a ride
Down a one way street into the lemon sky

I close my eyes, what do I see?
A place to hide myself from me
Where am I going? Where could I be?
The winds are blowing all of my cares free

I close my eyes, what do I see?
A place to hide myself from me
Track Name: The Wave
In a pseudo apartment on shoreline
Coming at you like a tidal wave
In a lost compartment of your mind
Do you recall anything?
Where the clocks, they bend and break all the time
Just runnin' off like centipedes
Down a long distance telephone line
Ringing like a tambourine

In a Wave, In a Wave, In a Wave, In a Wave

I can see for miles on top my mushroom cloud
Waves exploding, everything is gone

The night is cold as I unfold in bed
I am short of every breath
A million souls are floating overhead
Trying to deliver my death
And Where could I live
That the poisonous gas
Won't smother me off like Hitler
Where could I give myself to a woman
With a heart and a soul like an alter

In a dark cold and evil dream
A hundred miles below the sea
I was sound asleep in a machine
I never heard anything

In a Wave

I can see for miles on top my mushroom cloud
Waves Exploding. Hot rain is coming
In single file dominos falling down
Saving no one. Everything is gone.
Track Name: Bird Language
The cars they come & go
The cars they come & go all the time

And from my bed I hear them singin' in the streets
Inside my head their voices trail off in my dreams
The crashing waves upon my window are now knockin' on the door
I wipe malaise out of my eyes and I don't feel bad anymore

Written by Danny Morrison
Track Name: Solemn Symphony
I wrote the end of my book on a cool summer day
Just lyin' alone in the grass looking for some shade
A kingdom without a castle, a king without a queen
No, not the king at all just a foolish man with dreams
So I walked around the city singing songs I knew
But nobody else could hear me so I sang them all to you
And somewhere on the brighter side of town my voice fell through
There's where stood an angel dancin' to my tune

Illuminating everything I see
Through clouds & frozen seas
The midnight moonbeams shining through the trees
In waves of symphony
I'm no longer longing, no longer lonely

Dead stars reflect upon the glass
A million shades of light years pass
I look inside a swirl of atoms spinning in a box

You soon will change as nothing lasts
The beauty & the sceneries pass
One day you'll find you've woke inside a place where you are lost

But you will find another day
Another one will come your way
You'll put yourself inside and swim away in a new box

And it will all come back again
Your sunken joy & love let in
You'll throw your arms around all the things that you had lost

From up & down & side to side
Shaken, stirred & stretched outside
Your silly putty soul peaks out the holes of a new box

Written by Danny Morrison